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  • Limited Traffic and Noise

    A gated community is closed to through traffic. With fewer cars passing through, the streets should be safer for you and your family to drive, walk, or ride bikes. Less traffic can also result in a quieter environment. Even in a gated community of Houston apartments located in the heart of the city, residents often experience less traffic noise and feel safer than in many other parts of the city.

  • More Security and Privacy

    Crime does sometimes occur in a gated community. A determined criminal can still foil the security measures. However, the gate does serve as an effective deterrent. As a result, the incidence of crime is significantly lower in a gated community. Furthermore, you are unlikely to be bothered by annoying solicitors. Unless they have specific business with a gated community resident, they will not be allowed to enter.

  • Better Design and Upkeep

    Gated communities are often attractive by design. The rules of the community usually require exterior home and yard maintenance and restrict unusual decorations or displays. This maintains a standard of uniformity that is also reflected in strict building codes. Pride of ownership is exceptionally high in a gated community. Not only do higher standards make the homes more attractive, they also help increase property values.

A Gated Community Comes at a Premium

Of course, there is a flip side to each of these advantages. More amenities translate to higher prices. Higher security can result in greater inconvenience. Enforced uniformity can restrict personal expression. It is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding that a gated community may be right for you. It may also be a good idea to compare individual communities.